Jeremy Hunt and Other Spelling Mistakes is a new comedy sketch show from St. George Medics Revue. As you’d expect, it features a number of jokes about the Secretary of State for Health, taking a funny look at the trouble the NHS is in and the ineptitude of the MP. There’s also a good amount of general medical banter, comedy gags and a few songs too. It’s fun and relevant but also schoolboyish and lacking the intelligent humour this topic deserves. But then what else would you really expect from a show with this one’s title?

Don’t expect the young medical students to be budding stand-up comedians; they’ve clearly picked the right profession

In fact, considering the name, there aren’t that many jokes that refer to the MP. But then again, too many of them might get a little stale. When Hunt does feature he’s a bumbling idiot more concerned with profit margins than patient care, and arguably this is a very accurate description. He’s weaved in and out of various gags throughout the show. There is quite a good variety of sketches which range from cheesy but witty show tunes to a gag about cockney rhyming slang doctors (“don’t be a Jeremy Hunt”) and a sketch about an awkward and very funny unbearable slam poet at school. There are also a few sketches that pick fun at health and safety regulation ridiculousness, clumsy bureaucracy and a funny good-doc bad-doc routine.

Jeremy Hunt and Other Spelling Mistakes is a fun show and you’re not going to get bored watching it. Just don’t expect the young students to be budding stand-up comedians; they’ve clearly picked the right profession. But it’s good to see trainee medics making fun of the NHS and particularly Jeremy Hunt. It’s enjoyable silliness that’s brisk and light-hearted with occasional clever commentary. It’s free and worth a watch so why not go along? You wouldn’t want to be a Jeremy Hunt now would you?

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After three years of sell-out shows, St. George's Medics' Revue is back to conquer the Free Fringe. With more medical banter than ever, come see the worryingly funny future of the NHS. ‘St. George's this year is actually one of the best revues around’ **** ( ‘Offered a novel and witty take on medical life and had us engaged throughout’ *** ( ‘They just go for it with bad taste, witty, irreverent and more mainstream humour than others’ *** (