Jen Kirkman: I Don’t Give A F*ck Tour 2018
  • West End

"Jen Kirkman is back and she's not afraid to tell it like it is - again." -Entertainment Weekly

Jen Kirkman is back in London this year after popular demand - with SOME new material. Stories and jokes you haven't seen on her Netflix specials or at her Soho Theatre run earlier in 2018. Don't worry. It's not all about American politics - why talk about him when Jen can talk about herself and her emotional outburst on a silent retreat, the power of turning forty-three, being dumped on Christmas, her contentious relationship with millennial who thinks she's not "woke" enough. And tales of hope despite the world being in its last days. And okay, maybe a little talk about Donald Trump.

"Ms. Kirkman knows how to deliver a one-liner, but her inclination is to linger in the telling of a story. She digs into a subject, embroidering it with jokes at various angles. A huge number of her bits culminate in vivid metaphors." - The New York Times