Jazz Bar Music

Jazz Bar Music is an event which shows off the musical skills of several different performers, making each night different. This particular viewing saw Ruaridh Pattison on saxophone, Brodie Jarvie on double bass, David Patrick on piano, Steve Pretty on trumpet, and event organiser Bill Kyle on drums.

If you enjoy jazz music (and good cocktails in the Jazz Bar) you’ll definitely not be disappointed.

Jazz Bar Music feels more like a social event in the sense that the band doesn’t conduct the audience in any way, or lead them into a dialogue. Rather, it is a casual show which displays raw talent. It must be said, however, that all performers are fantastic in what they do individually. There is certainly no lack of creativity: that much is true.

But this is not a unique performance. Rather, as resident drummer Bill Kyle states, this is a last-minute arrangement of talented artists flung together to play music on their feet. And they do that well, with a certain degree of class that touches upon extravagant. But the repetitive nature of the improv becomes tiresome, whilst the audience is aware that the act itself is not unique: this could easily be any other night at the Jazz Bar.

Certainly all involved did the Jazz Bar proud by highlighting some of the best jazz musicians on the Fringe, but the act is mainly just there to provide the background to your mojito. Still, if you enjoy jazz music (and good cocktails in the Jazz Bar) you’ll definitely not be disappointed.

Reviews by Stuart Mckenzie

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This revered, multiple award-winning, much loved, year-round venue hosts independent Fringe shows all day, plus late night Funk/Jazz gigs nightly (5am bar!). Every gig features superb local and visiting bands: a welcoming, cool ambience with great live sound. www.thejazzbar.co.uk