Jason Byrne in You Name the Show

This year, Jason Byrne has decided to do away with racking his brain on what to name his show. Instead, as the show title suggests, he is going to relinquish that power to his audience with the best name at the end of the run winning a very generous £500.

Jason Byrne in You Name the Show is a guaranteed side-splitting hour of silliness and riotous shenanigans.

After his grand and uproarious entrance - which can only be described as “signature Jason Byrne” - he then proceeds to explain the giant wheel on the stage that the audience have undoubtedly noticed. The wheel dictates what happens during the show; someone from the crowd is selected to spin the wheel and whichever topic it stops at, he has to talk about.

This spin-the-wheel concept certainly gives an unpredictable air to the show albeit Byrne’s style has always been on the erratic side anyway. Throughout the show, he effortlessly takes whatever the wheel throws at him in his stride and the same can be said of any overly vocal punters in the crowd who feel the need to throw their two cents in.

In our show, he shared fond stories about his joker wife, griped about why he dislikes going on holidays and showed us what fun can be had with coats. Byrne’s seasoned comedic instinct and innate ability to just be able to find the funny in absolutely everything is what makes him such a top notch comedian.

Jason Byrne in You Name the Show is a guaranteed side-splitting hour of silliness and riotous shenanigans. Be prepared to give your laughing muscles a workout as there is absolutely nothing that Byrne can’t turn into comedic gold.  

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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The Blurb

It’s January and I’m asked, as I’m asked each year, ‘What’s the name of your show Jason?’ ‘You mean the one that will be on in August and by the time I get there my show content will have changed at least 546 times?’ ‘Yes’ they say. So I’ve asked the audience to name the show and that’s what they’ll do over the course of the Fringe. Best name wins £500. There’ll be a leader board on stage and by the end of the festival my show will be named, thanks to you.