Jarred Christmas: Remarkably Average (Preview)
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe

Blue Jeans Management Proudly Presents - Jarred Christmas: Remarkably Average (Preview)

Hey, team! So, I had a DNA test and the results were extremely disappointing. There is nothing remarkable about my genetics at all. This came as a huge shock to me. I'm dealing with my own averageness and it's been a very difficult journey but I'm not going to let my humdrum results stop me putting on a show. Thank you for your support in this painfully average time of my life.

'Erupts onto the stage. Dynamite...A Master of Comedy' - Edfest
'Utterly hilarious. One of the funniest men to pick up a microphone' - Time Out
'Likeable, intelligent and full of unpredictable energy' - Scotsman
'Robustly funny' - List