Janis Joplin: Full Tilt

Angie Darcy returns to the fringe with her stellar tribute to and exploration of Janis Joplin. More than just a tribute concert, Janis Joplin: Full Tilt is a provocative blend of concert and theatre that examines Joplin’s troubled life and interlaces the brilliantly performed songs with provocative spoken word from Joplin to form a mini biography.

The show more than proves its mettle in the numbers.

The numbers resonate brilliantly. Darcy captures Joplin’s energy and sound with striking fervour and the band who accompany her are on top form. The energy dips a little in the monologues as you might expect but they are nevertheless fascinating, often taking place at Joplin’s dressing room table while she speaks about her insecurities and takes swigs of whiskey and wine. But they seem somewhat plain and a little uninventive staging wise compared to the brilliant numbers. They do however segue into the songs brilliantly, providing a background to the events surrounding each number and giving them emotional weight and adding to their raw power.

The show more than proves its mettle in the numbers. When they’re on it’s fantastic and the spoken word sections do a good deal to make them even better. This remains a brilliant show that explores Joplin’s professional and personal life and is enjoyable for fans of Joplin and newcomers alike.

Reviews by Dave House

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Award-winning 2014 sell-out by writer Peter Arnott and director Cora Bissett. Angie Darcy's Joplin is electric. 'So brilliant and intense it lifts the hairs on the back of the neck' ***** (Scotsman).