Jamie MacDonald: That Funny Blind Guy 2 - The Good, the Stag and the Ugly

Being visually impaired, Glaswegian stand-up Jamie MacDonald definitely brings a new meaning to “observational humour”. If nothing else, this latest show from “that Funny Blind Guy” proves two things; that there’s definitely more than one way to see the world and that being blind doesn’t mean you can be any less than a ‘tool’ than anyone else. OK, three things: that MacDonald is also brilliant at finding, exploring and sharing the humour in his life and the world around him.

MacDonald is also brilliant at finding, exploring and sharing the humour in his life and the world around him

Admittedly, as the user of a white stick, MacDonald can possibly get away with comments that ‘non-impaired’ comedians might not. As an example, much of the opening of MacDonald’s set is dominated by his one attempt at learning to ski, in part inspired by a mate’s insistence that he’d be rubbish at it.

MacDonald successfully mines his own experiences to great comic effect, not least when it comes to the dangers he faces “flying solo” while “on the pull”. Given that he’s in his 30s, you might be wondering when MacDonald is going to settle down, but he accepts that he’s still enjoying life too much just now to think about marriage and kids, assuming he can find a relationship which works.

This isn’t a particularly structured show; it’s more a ramble, with one subject leading then leading on to the next. Still, on various occasions he returns to the theme of how easy it is for non-disabled people to slip from being helpful to patronising, this certainly isn’t a show “about” disability. It’s a perceptive and boldly humorous take on what it’s like being a man who still wants to enjoy life as a party.

Reviews by Paul F Cockburn

Multiple Venues


Dundee Rep Theatre / Macrobert Arts Centre

The Yellow on the Broom

Underbelly, Bristo Square

Tom Neenan: It's Always Infinity

Assembly George Square Studios

Police Cops in Space

Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre

Rik Carranza: Still a Fan

Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre





The Blurb

He approaches blindness the same way as he does life; with optimism, irony and filthy humour. Scotland’s hottest visually impaired stand-up comedian Jamie MacDonald makes his return to the Fringe with his anecdotal, character driven hour of fun. This year Jamie talks relationships, Scottish Independence, and shares more hilarious stories of his catastrophic triumphs of humour over eyesight. 'MacDonald's set has people roaring with laughter throughout' **** (EdFestMag.com).