James Veitch: Game Face
  • Brighton Fringe

Responsible for the most popular TED Talk of 2016, James Veitch brings his hilarious new show 'Game Face', with more geeky comedy about life, love and enabling Bluetooth. A glorious show of esoteric, anarchic and unashamedly Powerpoint-fuelled comedy from the Independents One to watch. Expect Donkey Kong, ducks and online dating as James fearlessly (and somewhat inadvisedly) battles the mundane and pointless bureaucracies of the modern world. At the end of 2015, James filmed a TED Talk which went on to become the fastest ever to reach over two million views in the history of TED. Currently at 11m views and climbing, the talk sees James narrate a hilarious, weeks-long exchange with an email spammer who offered to cut him in on a hot deal. Following the success of the first, James has also recently recorded a second web series with Mashable, documenting his scam-revenge exploits. A posh boy with few real world friends (Kate Copstick, The Scotsman),screamingly funny (Fringe Guru).