James Veitch - Dot Con
  • Adelaide Fringe

Suspicious emails, unclaimed bonds, Nigerian princes; standard procedure is to delete on sight. What if you replied? UK comedian, bestselling author and self-professed scamp James Veitch has perfected the art of scamming the scammer and brilliantly plays the internet imposters at their own game. Responsible for the fastest ever TED Talk to reach over two million views in the history of TED, James Veitch delivers unashamedly nerdy, creative and cheeky comedy. A former Apple Store Genius, Veitchs comedy is hi-tech " picking apart, parodying (and pranking) the technological world we all live in. Tears-down-the-face funny Sunday Herald A wicked sense of humour I laughed my ass off. The New York Times Gleefully, brazenly cheeky The Scotsman