James Acaster: Amongst Other Things

James Acaster claims to be very excitable, but this claim is not borne out by his laid back delivery and mundane choice of topics. His fine comic turn of phrase and winning manner allow him to derive comedy from some fairly everyday material, like throwing a surprise party for a friend, using the wrong side of a cheese-grater, or putting a pound in a shopping trolley. After taking some time to warm up, Acaster successfully wins over the audience. His off-the-cuff interactions with hecklers and late-comers are among his strongest moments, proving his sharp comic instincts. But he could do with getting more excited throughout his show, as he really shines when he puts his lanky frame to full use, with some great moments of physical comedy - as when he pretends the stage is a bouncy castle, or re-enacts a sky-dive on the back of an incredibly accommodating audience member. But these moments are too few and far between in a set largely marked by deadpan insights and laconic delivery. Acaster has obvious talent and a unique, goofy style, so with a more sharply honed and energetic set he could really shine, but at the moment there are only flashes of brilliance in this enjoyable but unremarkable show.

The Blurb

After a fantastic year touring the UK supporting Milton Jones and Josie Long, James brings his exciting debut show to Edinburgh. As seen on Russell Howard’s Good News. ‘Delightful’ (Time Out).