Jack Dee's Help Desk

Jack Dee's Help Desk sees Dee and a panel of surprise top comedians address problems that audience members put to them. Everyone in attendance is asked to fill out a card upon entering the show with any problem that they would like the panel to help them with. As a result, the quality of the show relies hugely on the audience's contribution.

It's not often that you get to sit in front of such a high quality range of comedians at once, so if you have a problem for them, make it a good one

You are in for a rare treat with the calibre of comedians on the panel, and Dee is his classic self: slightly grumpy and dryly witty. Unfortunately however, on the night that I attended the audience didn't put forward many interesting queries and so the panel didn't have a lot to go on. It seemed that people had put down mundane or boring questions that they hadn't really thought through or didn't really want an answer to, which kind of defeated the point. For example, one man asked for advice as to how he could boost his energy levels because he was always tired. Another complained that their friend was buying them tickets to shows they didn't want to see. Whilst the panel worked in some high quality anecdotes and comments here and there, at times they ended up having to give mundane advice for mundane problems.

Dee seemed to just be picking queries off the top of the pile - the show would perhaps be improved if he were to quickly select the best ones before the show, as many were very dry. This did, however, give the comedians room for mockery and opened their road a little for material. There were some funnier responses when it came to queries such as what to do when being mildly sexually harassed at work, or what to do about annoying children in restaurants. It really is a show that depends on the audience, and the audience that I was part of didn't have much to say. Some of them seemed to be take the call for 'problems' too literally. This is a comedy show, and it's not often that you get to sit in front of such a high quality range of comedians at once. So if you have a problem for them, make it a good one.

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The Blurb

Got a problem? Need a sympathetic ear? Jack and his panel of experts are here to help. Whether it's relationships, career advice, personal worries or something as simple as how to tell your emotionally stunted in-laws you no longer want them in your life. Come along and share your troubles with Jack - and in no way have them ridiculed in front of a live audience.