Ivy Paige: Filthy Rich

Hips, tits and glamour galore. Ivy Paige has taken the Underbelly hostage and you’d better pray you’re one of her captives. Strutting her way onto the Belly Button stage, the kiss-and-tell burlesque queen leaves a heart-shaped imprint upon her audience as she dazzles you through a mixture of singing, comedy and eye candy.

When she’s not on stage she’ll be on your lap, seducing you with her alluring charm that is irresistible to man and woman alike.

Not short on confidence, Ivy Paige is a born show woman whose command of her audience demonstrates years of experience entertaining crowds. Miss Paige will have you on your feet, clapping away as she trots around the venue while rattling off a medley of original songs, as well as one or two covers with altered lyrics to match the nature of her seductive routine.

Backing her up on piano and vocals is the talented James Mosley, whilst the lighting is complemented by stage director James Moran, both of whom are professional in the roles they deliver. The setup is minimalistic, with only an oversized love heart as a decoration, but it works well with the act as a whole. Not that you’ll be paying much attention to the background details: you’ll probably be more preoccupied with Ivy’s legs. When she’s not on stage she’ll be on your lap, seducing you with her alluring charm that is irresistible to man and woman alike.

Though much of the act revolves around Ivy’s physique and her vocal abilities, Ivy makes sure to involve her audience as best she can. One lucky guy named Alan was fortunate enough to be Ivy’s bit on the side for evening, having the privilege of holding her whilst she stroked his hair. You might be fooled into thinking that her black gown will stay on forever. But Ivy saves the fireworks to the end, slowly shaking it off to reveal her rump in a flourish of tantalizing delight. Truly a spectacle, Ivy Paige perfectly articulates the beauty and comedy burlesque offers. For the best experience, sit in the front row; you just might get lucky like Alan.

Reviews by Stuart Mckenzie

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The Blurb

**** (Fest). Want to get rich quick? Need more bang for your buck? Let Ivy show you how, in a heady mix of cabaret, comedy and song. ‘Queen of British Burlesque’ (Mail on Sunday) will teach you how to live the dream* (which quite frankly is more than you deserve). Experience the highs, lows, bright lights and dark underworld, and discover what it takes to be the woman on top. ‘If every EdFringe show was as good as Ivy Paige, August would never end’ (FringeReview.co.uk). ‘A modern day Mae West’ (Evening Standard). *dreams may vary.