It's Not What You Know...

The cast of short musical ‘It’s not what you know’ are talented. Apart from a few vocal slip-ups in the final moments of the piece, their singing was thoroughly impressive. When it comes to embodying characters, commanding stage presence and comic timing, they are again thoroughly impressive. The songs themselves were enjoyable and tended to be mash-ups of Disney or West end numbers with new and more fitting lyrics. The problem however lies with the script and its central premise.

Rose, a graduate from the prestigious drama school TADA, is struggling to make it as an actress in the cold harsh world beyond university. Although in some ways appropriate for an arts festival predominantly frequented by performers, some of whom are struggling in dauntingly similar ways, one couldn’t help thinking that there are more original and indeed memorable scripts out there.

Having said this, the show was filled with gags, both successful and unsuccessful. When cast members were not directly involved in a given scene they would be called upon to do sound effects or mime. This was when the comedy was at its best. Still, most of the jokes derived from the pretentious bitchiness of thespians which, even in a short span of only forty minutes, quickly became tedious. There is only a certain number of times you can laugh at a caricatured egotist with a posh accent.

So, although this is an acceptably entertaining show performed by a cast that know how to do what they do and do it well, a more stand-out outlet should perhaps be found. After all, it’s not all about what you know but how best to show it off.


The Blurb

It's who you... as the saying goes. After graduating from TADA, the most prestigious drama school around, surely the streets will be paved with gold for young Rose?