It's Not Us, It's You - Free

With so much free fringe it’s can be a daunting prospect wading through the guide to find what’s worthwhile. However, Larry Dean has made the task a little easier with his best of the free fest show at The Yurt Locker in which he showcases his personal favourites from around the free venues.

Dean is a charming performer and, although he is a little lacking in the acute comedy skills of other variety show hosts, he is amiable and chatty – even if somewhat reliant on the ‘any one in from...?’ opener to banter.

His lineup of guests were varied in ability and standard of performance. Christian Elderfield was strictly average and very predictable with some jokes failing due to the punch line being clearly visible from half way into the set-up. Dutch comedian Wouter Meijs was a stand-out but his awkward and purposefully awful one-liners occasionally landed badly within the audience. Finally there was Danny Ward whose observational based comedy was considered and well delivered but offered nothing new to the seasoned comedy fan.

It’s Not Us, It’s You is a useful and pleasant tool to help navigate the labyrinth of this year’s free fringe and it’s not much more than that.

Reviews by Andy Currums

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The Blurb

Frolics and b*llocks from Larry Dean, James Alderson and friends. A lot of laughs, veiled in a desperate attempt to be accepted as normal. They aren't. Surely it's not their fault though?