Irons the new play from writer Colin Chaston certainly pushes the envelope of believability. We are meant to believe that West Ham United can score 5 minutes from a match starting. What next, Hibs winning the Scottish Cup? At the very least it’s nice to see a play about football that doesn’t revolve around hooliganism.

It doesn't set the world alight with deepful insight or great jokes but it achieves most of its goals.

Dean, Jase and Ash are lifelong football supporters and friends. They are united in their love of West Ham until an act threatens their friendship - Ash has a sex change and becomes Ashleigh, the women she wants to be.

All three acts of the show take place at a series of away games with the drama unfolding as the trio watch the footie. It’s quite difficult to portray the feeling of being at a game with just three people and it never quite succeeds for a variety of reason. There is plenty of chanting throughout the show but it oftens gets in the way of drama, especially in the first act.

It’s got a very conventional structure but it trundles along nicely and reaches a conclusion not nearly as schmaltzy as I was expecting. There is a subplot that is resolved almost as quickly as it’s introduced which feels like padding to take it up to an hour.

The actors do a good job of making you believe they are lads from the Newham area though sometimes the football commentary sounds clunky and inauthentic. When it flows it flows really well but can often be derailed by the previously said chanting.

I’m not entirely sure who the show is for but it certainly deserves to find it’s audience. It doesn't set the world alight with deepful insight or great jokes but it achieves most of its goals.

Reviews by James W. Woe

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Three alpha male friends love football and their beloved Irons. Can their friendship survive when one of them comes out as a transgender female? Join in the terrace chanting and celebrations in this high energy, dramatic, funny play.