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Intuit This is a crash course in the art of absurdist comedy, throughout the audience sees the influences of Alan Partridge, The Mighty Boosh and The Fast Show to name a few. But Intuit This isn’t just a homage to absurdist comedy that’s come before it, it’s a total triumph in its own right.

But Intuit This isn’t just a homage to absurdist comedy that’s come before it, it’s a total triumph in its own right.

Although there’s a story running through the show, that of Steven and his partner Rinarta’s distress after getting stung by a Greek bee in the midst of their lovemaking; the different characters in the story are so strikingly unique and hilarious in different ways that it plays out almost like a sketch show. Each of the four actors give incredible performances and the show is so much funnier for how accomplished their comedic skills are, rather than just reliance on a good script (which they also have). It quickly becomes impossible for the audience to predict what is going to happen, an eyewitness account from a blade of grass and the unveiling of a police sergeants ‘close relationship’ with a fish are just two of the laugh out loud examples of how surprising the farce becomes.

On top of this, the musical ditty’s make the show that much funnier. Brian the renegade bee’s theme song is impossible to forget and the flowers acoustic number about pollination, a thinly veiled metaphor for sex is perfect to round off the show, particularly when they break into their flawless duologue on contraception.

Intuit This manages to walk the fine line that all great absurdist comedy does, between clever gags and genuine ridiculousness. Some points in the play could have been written for a kids TV show whereas others, such as Steven’s calculations that a bee’s size and age converted to human measurements would be a ‘6 foot 4, 55 year old man!’ is ludicrous adult humour at its very best. It will leave you laughing at scenarios you’d never even dreamt of and singing songs as nonsensical as they come, Intuit This can’t be missed.

Reviews by Alaina Briggs

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Absurd comic-theatre troupe Intuitive Creatures present their 2013 Camden Fringe smash hit show ‘Intuit This’ – The hilarious and ridiculously epic tale of a renegade bumblebee. Fast-paced, frenetic and farcical, 'Intuit This' is an hour of surreally funny and down-right bizarre comic-theatre from four of the most Intuitive Creatures of our generation. “Outstanding Show” (FringeReview) “Intuitive Creatures are a four piece deity of comedic genius” (PerformanceReviewed)