Instant Sunshine

Instant Sunshine can really brighten up someone’s day with their old time sounds, musical talent and light comedy. Peter Christie, David Barlow, Alan Maryon Davis and the newest and youngest member, Tom Barlow, delighted the small audience with comedy songs played on guitar, banjo, double bass and percussion. Their sound is reminiscent of Tom Lehrer and traditional comedy, with lovely harmonies and witty one-liners that had the audience giggling throughout.

They display wonderful musical talent, working as one rather than against each other and creating a very old fashioned sound. Their terrible acting was clearly self-conscious, though they weren’t afraid of a bad pun as long as it was accompanied by a musical nudge and a wink.

This old school group have a lovely way with words, dazzling the audience with their witty, fast-paced, tongue-twisting lyrics. Their faux-Spanish songs stood out as the funniest while some others fell a little flat.

This is not a cutting edge group of guys with a theremin, armed with absurd jokes à la Bill Bailey. Their jokes are very much aimed at an older audience and unashamedly so. These very well dressed gentlemen know their audience and cater to them with wit, joy and pleasure. This show will not suit everyone’s taste; a niche show to say the least. However, some ditties such as ‘Knitting for Victory’ do have the fashionable vintage factor, so if old school comedy sounds float your boat, then this very sweet group of musical comics might be for you.

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The Blurb

Instant Sunshine return to the Fringe with their artisan-polished repertoire of musical satire and timeless humour, as light as a feather to tickle the fancy of all those who love to laugh.