Indigo's Pianolympics

Indigo’s Pianolympics is a very silly show. Classically trained pianists India Hooi and Hugo Selles have invented a new genre, the piano-themed sketch show. They spend the duration of the performance telling jokes, playing characters and mugging appropriately and the audience laughs along with them throughout.

Could do with a little more time in rehearsal.

There’s a lot of jokes in this show so it’s unsurprising that some fall flat. There are a few good-natured groans from the audience but Hooi and Selles are an endearing couple on stage and they’re obviously having a great time. If you know a bit about classical music, you’ll get plenty out of this show as the jokes are definitely aimed at the fans; however, some of the punchlines may fail you if the subject isn’t your thing.

The piano playing is the real star of the show and I do wish that there had been more. The idea to create a comedy piano concert is an excellent opportunity for these talented musicians to show off and when they do it’s very good. Unfortunately, more time is spent on costume changes and running gags than is entirely necessary and there are a few too many dips in energy. Indigo’s Pianolympics feels like a great new take on the classical concert but could do with a little more time in rehearsal.

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The Blurb

Ever wondered what goes on at those posh piano competitions? Pianist prankster duo Indigo presents the Pianolympics, a tournament like no other! Along with a host of other zany musical sketches featuring rogue Russian virtuosi, toy pianos and classic tunes like The Fart Of The Bumblebee, this show will crack you up whether you're a classical music nut or not!Presented by classically-trained and silly-minded pianists India Hooi (Adelaide) and Hugo Selles (Spain). If you enjoy genius musical comedians such as Victor Borge and Igudesman & Joo, you'll enjoy this show. If you love celebrating and/or poking fun at the great traditions of classical piano, you'll love this show. If you are a classical music snob, you may or may not find this show mildly entertaining/insulting.