In the Dust

From breaking to pirouettes, In the Dust is an exceptional example of contemporary dance at its finest. Split into three sections of destructive glory, the all-male performers of 2Faced Dance hurl themselves around the stage in a graceful whirlwind of choreographic genius.The first piece, entitled Subterrania, explores the theme of impending doom and is choreographed by the extremely successful Tom Dale. Motif and development is used to unravel the atmosphere from a state of peace to pandemonium. Circular movements, such as barrel leaps and forward rolls, are repeated, expanded and executed in organised chaos whilst core stability that will blow your mind allows the dancers to balance and support each other accordingly.The second of the three dances, Politicking Oath, assumes an Olympic theme whereby choreographer, Freddie Oppoku-Addaie, has combined a comical commentary with movement inspired by the sporting event. From sequences beginning with a gunshot at the start of a race to a breakdancing freeze-off competition, Oppoku-Addaie really leaves no torch unlit. The trio work both together and individually in an effortless display of choreographed athleticism, certainly deserving of a gold medal.Finally, the guys of 2Faced are let loose with stunning movement created by Tamsin Fitzgerald in her Haiti earthquake inspired piece, 7.0. Death, decay and collapsed communities are faced head-on with empathy and contemporary dancing which exceeds modern expectations of a world-class company. Huge credit is also owed to the composer, Alex Baranowski, who brings 7.0 to life with exhilarating music providing endless scope for creativity and drama, worthy of a soundtrack for an Oscar-winning action adventure film.In the Dust makes contemporary dance accessible to a wide audience, leaving people gasping as these talented young men fly through the air. There is a lovely moment in Subterrania which captures the magic I believe 2Faced is all about. The entire company performs in unison with technical accuracy and the pizzazz of street dancing b-boys, yet each dancer stands out individually and is not constrained by the reins of set choreography. The beauty of technical contemporary training to support flips, freezes and body ripples is highlighted by 2Faced as it enables them to stand out from the competitive crowd of breakdance acts that are body popping their way on to the Fringe scene this year.

The Blurb

Award-winning Fringe sell-out 2Faced returns with darkly explosive break-infused contemporary dance from acclaimed choreographers Tamsin Fitzgerald, Freddie Oppiku-Addaie, Tom Dale. Athletic, fierce and brutal, 'the ride they take us on is arresting' (Times).