This show is put on by the Watch This Improv Troupe. They perform very fun narrative long-form improv comedy, with a number of different and inventive tweaks – ensuring a delightful experience every single night. They have a member on piano, and a member on lighting, adding to the dramatic tension of the performance and making it much more than ordinary improv.

Despite this occasional lack of synergy, individually the improvisers all deliver hilarious solo performances

Throughout the performance, the music and lights are perfectly on cue, and in the moments when they aren’t, or one of the actors wanted something different, they would say something like “We could use some faster music here…” and the pianist would quickly pick up the slack.

The troupe pass out four differently colored buzzers to people in the audience – each buzzer let off a different sound, which would signal to the players onstage that they had to do something new and different. The players' reactions on stage to these signals get the audience howling in no time.

The audience seem to enjoy almost all of the show, even if the improvisers didn’t manage to bring things to the best conclusion. Sometimes it’s difficult with narrative improv to settle on a compelling plot, but this can often be mitigated through communication on stage between the players. However, many times it seems that the players aren’t communicating as well as they could be. There were quite a few moments where they talk over each other, and a few moments where it seems like they aren’t totally on the same page with each other. Despite this occasional lack of synergy, individually the improvisers all deliver hilarious solo performances. They all drop hilarious punch lines, and silly snippets of chaff, throughout the show. This night’s audience loved it.

Overall, Watch This manage to put together a really fun performance, and they are definitely worth watching this Fringe.

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The critically described Watch This Improv Troupe strike again at the Fringe with their unique brand of improv comedy. Come and watch a long-form adventure based on nothing but your fantastic suggestions.