Immigrant Diaries

Most of those to whom I mentioned this show thought I would be in for an evening of hard-hitting, emotional grit concerning the nation’s touchiest issue, but Immigrant Diaries was a far cry from those misconceptions. Through a storytelling show delivered by four wonderful women, the audience were treated to an array of tales of childhood experiences growing up in immigrant families, finding their feet as adults in this ‘marvellously mongrel’ island and changing ideas of what cultural identity means to them.

Simultaneously hilarious, heart-warming and truly inspirational, Immigrant Diaries is a must-see and never forget.​

Hosts Sajeela Kershi and Sameena Zehra created a warm, relaxed atmosphere that set the tone of the show; it was as simple as a group of friends coming together to share stories. Topics ranged from disastrous family holidays, embarrassing linguistic blunders and Jewish weddings, each anecdote filled with wit, good-humoured digs at the quirks of different cultures and deft observation. The overall theme of the show, as agreed by both the hosts and audience, was identity, and the hour was spent celebrating diversity and exploring the inherent similarities of the human condition across the globe, whilst affectionately highlighting the stereotypes and embarrassing traits of our mishmashed nationalities.

There was one phrase that hit the spot towards the end: ‘surprise is what’s delicious about storytelling’. As each show will offer new guests, new stories and new perspectives, it seems that mantra will most certainly ring true. Simultaneously hilarious, heart-warming and truly inspirational, Immigrant Diaries is a must-see and never forget.

Reviews by Lois Zoppi

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Statistics don't tell the story, people do. Hit show returns with hosts Sajeela Kershi & Sameena Zehra! Funny, poignant, ridiculous, sublime stories from people who choose to live & work on this marvellously mongrel island. Differing line-up from within the world of entertainment and beyond. "Genius idea, hilariously entertaining, look out for it" **** (Latest7)