Imagine There's No Ben Target (It's Easy If You Try)

Ben Target is in no way an average stand-up. He specialises in the surreal and the unusual, and Imagine There’s No Ben Target most definitely fits that description. I don’t think I could even describe him as a stand up comedian, though he’s definitely very funny. There is nothing but surprising moments throughout, and you will have no idea what’s coming next at any point, regardless of how certain you are that you do. It’s tricky to explain this show without giving away the fun, but suffice to say that Target will keep you entertained - you will most certainly never be bored.

The haphazard is a part of Target’s work, and the unpredictable is its foundation.

Target makes a team of his audience - you’ll make friends, learn secrets and work together, all while giggling. He is the eccentric and confusing leader of this newly-formed team - bizarrely dressed, changing his clothes and his character at every turn. His intense manner commands the show, creating ludicrous scenarios and hilarious confusion by turns. He excels through his wonderful use of props - colourful, odd, and out of nowhere, they are the show’s backbone, and always ridiculous. Not every moment went smoothly, but the haphazard is a part of Target’s work, and the unpredictable is its foundation.

This show is not for everyone: you have to be fully prepared to get involved and take part in good humour. If audience interaction is not your thing, I strongly advise you stay at home as there is absolutely no way to avoid it. But as Target himself says, you get out what you put in. If you’re willing, this could be the most fun you’ll have at the Fringe this year. Target has prepared an excellent hour for you and it’s up to you to take advantage of that. I highly recommend that you do – just wear sensible shoes.

Reviews by Laurie Kilmurry

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The Blurb

Wear sensible shoes. ‘This is the sort of mad experience – “show” doesn't seem to be quite the right word – that ought to be part of everyone's Fringe.’ **** ( ‘Target is a great find and will leave you warmed up physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.’ ****1/2 (Advertiser). ‘One of very few comics who manage to do something new with the art form while keeping an audience thoroughly entertained’ (Guardian). ‘Impressively funny’ (Scotsman). 'Oddball genius’ (Sun). For further information regarding tickets, please see