Ida Barr: Never Heard The Like
  • Brighton Fringe

Brighton's Favourite, as faded yet not jaded as a seaside pier, Ida Barr returns!This former music hall singer used to be quite the shining star, known for her two big hits, 'Oh You Beautiful Doll' and 'Everybodys Doin It'. Now she's embracing a whole new musical genre which she's christened 'Slipped Disco' or 'Artificial Hip-Hop'. To great acclaim, she has launched her new album, 'Get Old or Die Tryin', and she invites you to join her for an old fashioned, New Wave sing-along. Idas going to be mashing up Rhianna with Dan Leno, Omi with Noel Coward and Marie Lloyd with Eminem. Believe us, you aint heard nothin' like it.