Ian Smith – Whereabouts

Ian Smith is a wonderful comedian with a beautiful imagination. Whereabouts is his third solo show at the Fringe, and it is truly fantastic. This show is a collection of random stories about different places, that are cleverly tied together, and are incredibly fun to listen to.

Ian’s level of engagement with his audience is incredibly impressive.

After a short, but entertaining, warm up, Ian plunges into his high energy performance, enchanting his audience from start to finish. His brand of observational comedy begins with sites he has spotted on his travels around Edinburgh. These observations are a sure winner with locals, and for anyone else the humour is not lost as his descriptions are so well realised that everything is easily relatable. Though, if you are a local, it is quite satisfying to know the name of the curry house he describes.

At first, some of his jokes may seem to have been extended a bit too far, but this is not without reason. Every long spun joke is referred back to multiple times throughout the performance in increasingly intelligent ways, so it’s important that certain points are a little laboured. Ian structures his set so that every reference is easily gotten, and absolutely hilarious. In particular, his description of his neighbours attempts to deter potential burglars, and a tale about a swing, are fantastically spun into the narrative.

Other highlights include a run through of Ian’s rather interesting efforts to help people out on wikiHow, and ponderings of what it would be like if everyone came with their own theme tune.

Ian’s level of engagement with his audience is incredibly impressive. His style is very affable, so that even when he’s laughing at you, it’s very hard to take any offence. Ian interacts with his audience jovially and without any pretension, making him a very likeable comic. His use of tech throughout the show is clever and very well executed, but never overdone, his stories firmly remain the centre focus of the show.

This show is highly recommendable, this is definitely a comic to watch!

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The Blurb

Award-winning comedian Ian Smith (BBC1's The Ark, BBC3's Sweat the Small Stuff) returns with his third hour. It's about whereabouts things are and whatabouts they're doing there. While others sleep, Ian is knocking back 35p energy drinks and searching for the answers. Big Smiddy's back with another hour of stories, talking and attempts at theatre. It'll be a lot of fun. 'Fantastically funny' (Times). 'A highly enjoyable show not to be missed' (ThreeWeeks). 'An hour of controlled madness, consistently intelligent and laugh out loud funny' **** (Skinny). ***** (ThreeWeeks). **** (Metro).