Ian D Montfort's Midday Seance

Despite what the show’s title states, Ian D Montfort explains that there has actually been a mixup with the show time. It was meant to be a midnight seance – midnight is the witching hour after all, and the best time to communicate with spirits.

Ian D Montfort’s Midday Seance is an enjoyable midday comedy treat with a psychic twist.

Even with this setback, Montfort endeavours to make contact with the beyond – taking care to forewarn the audience that the spirits may be a little bit sleepy. He also stipulates that if you were hoping to make contact with a loved one who has passed, he is inevitably going to disappoint as he only brings messages from people you don’t know.

It is this wry style of comedy that contains traces of irony and cheek, which you can only expect when you go to see Montfort. Midday Seance is an impressive hour of psychic demonstrations and readings which will have you questioning your divinatory beliefs – or lack thereof. Tom Binns, the man behind this alter-ego, is a skilled character comic and an adept performer.

Before the show begins, the audience are handed cards in which to answer some simple questions. Throughout the show, Montfort makes some scarily accurate predictions and readings of these cards - despite never once looking at them! As the show progresses, you will really find yourself wondering if it is all just some form of masterful trickery, or if he really does have genuine psychic abilities.

Ian D Montfort’s Midday Seance is an enjoyable midday comedy treat with a psychic twist. What Montfort manages to pull off during the hour is truly baffling and sure to amaze even the biggest of skeptics.  

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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The Blurb

Midnight (the witching hour) is the best time to perform a seance. The time of day when demons, witches and ghosts appear and black magic is the most powerful. Due to a misunderstanding this seance will now be conducted at midday, in daylight. Ouija board parlour show from the ‘monster hit at the Edinburgh Fringe’ ***** (Time Out). ‘Tom Binns’s inspired alter ego...’ ***** (Independent). Top 10 Foster's Comedy God, Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, Chortle Award nominee, twice Adelaide Comedy Award nominee, Chortle’s 50 Most Memorable Gigs of the Decade. www.pay-what-you-want.info