Iain Stirling: Onwards!

Iain’s latest Fringe offering, Onwards!, focuses on his own experiences to explore life as a twenty-something in 2016. He questions his life’s direction, with musings on his career path, fitness level, and how he’s doing compared to his friends. While they’re busy getting married and having babies, he’s more concerned about who he’s supposed to go drinking with on a Tuesday night now they’re putting said babies to bed.

A fantastic show by a very funny man.

Does this means that he isn’t growing up properly? Or maybe they’re just growing up too fast.

Iain has had a pretty strange career so far which, alongside his stand-up, has taken him from Children’s TV presenting to, with barely a gap between, narrating the debauched antics of ITV2’s Love Island. Discussion of his career development has the audience in stitches. Of the two, his stand-up is far more geared towards his Love Island audience. Anyone expecting this comic to present his Children’s Presenter persona during this hour-long set will quickly have their bubble burst by a strong injection of swear words and sex jokes.

For me, the true highlight of the show was his discussion of society’s perception of millennials, and what it’s like to actually be one. With our emoji men and selfie-taking women, are we really the entitled generation, or are our parents actually to blame for our shortfalls and high expectations? This is a show tailor made for millennials and the people who raised them. Both will find his material all too relatable, and all the funnier for it.

Hearing a BAFTA-winning twenty-something with four consecutive sell-out Fringe shows already under his belt question his position in life is darkly comforting. He doesn’t know what he’s doing either guys. He’s making it up as he goes along too.

Iain’s delivery has an easy, affable charm that has his audience enamoured throughout the performance. Alongside more personal topics, Iain spends a considerable time on topical subjects affecting his generation at large, namely Brexit and unaffordable housing. He completely nails this discussion, hilariously providing the overwhelming voice of his generation on each matter.

At times, Iain has a tendency to lose focus and invent material on the spot, while these moments are unpolished, his delivery makes them rather endearing. All in all, this is a fantastic show by a very funny man.

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The Blurb

Edinburgh's very own Scottish BAFTA-winning and triple BAFTA-nominated comedian returns to the festival following four consecutive sell-out runs. As seen/heard on Drunk History (Comedy Central), Love Island (ITV2) and The Dog Ate My Homework (CBBC).