I See You – Live

Stand-up comedian Sam Gore has been taking down celebrities and politicians with his cutting, satirical, absurdist diatribes on Facebook since 2014 and garnered over fifty thousand followers who are quick to click ‘like’ on each of his weekly I See You articles.

The world needs writers like Gore who are willing to take a swipe at the elite and not afraid to be funny whilst doing it.

A successful crowdfunding campaign saw him raise the capital to bring a stage version of his fantastic writings to the Edinburgh Fringe and it’s led to an interesting and funny show for the uninitiated and a bloody entertaining hour for established fans.

Framed as a comedy night in a hellish nightclub (think of the kind of place that Big Brother contestants are still doing appearances), Gore appears as possibly Lucifer or maybe just a jobbing devil doing the best he can with a mic and a projector. Unfortunately, tonight the sound system is playing up and he has to keep popping across the stage to adjust the volume on that projector so that we don’t miss any of the jokes be they pre-recorded or delivered live. Gore exclaims that it’s probably killing the momentum but it actually adds to his dejected devil persona.

What follows is a selection of wonderful satirical stories about several different celebrities that range from light-hearted digs to vicious stabs. I’d be doing a disservice if I revealed any of the excellent framing devices used for each piece but can assure you that all the people you want to hear shredded get their chance. Trump, May and Farage are particular highlights for this reviewer.

Gore is a master satirist in a time when satire has no option but to thrive and, although I See You - Live was suffering its own hellscape of technical hitches, I was very entertained by the concept, the delivery and the writing. The world needs writers like Gore who are willing to take a swipe at the elite and not afraid to be funny whilst doing it.

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The Blurb

I See You started life on Facebook as a series of satirical horror stories about celebrities and public figures. Now, with over 45,000 fans, the beast has taken on a life of its own; watch it rise from the bowels of the web in this gruesome comedy spectacular from the twisted mind of multi award-winning comedian Sam Gore. 'The jokes are as cruel as they are funny, ie, very' (Chortle.co.uk). 'As always, I appreciate thoughtful critiques' (Michael Gove).