I Need a Doctor: The Whosical

A sci-fi musical isn’t something often seen gracing theatre stages, but this whirlwind production proves that it can be done, and done well. Cackling villains, fairy godmothers, makeshift monsters, tweed-clad Time Lords – and these all played by just one man – it’s a hybrid destined for madness.

Whether you’re nine or nine hundred, take an hour out of all of time and space to catch this hilarious production.

A well crafted musical disguised as a shoddy amateur production, I Need a Doctor tells the story of Jamie and Jess, two friends staging their own Doctor Who inspired show after an unexpected and hasty re-write. With a galaxy’s worth of in-jokes poking fun at the BBC franchise and making digs at its various stars, (with John Barrowman a favourite), fans of Doctor Who will find easy delight in seeing this wild and wonderful show.

It features cleverly intertwined nods to musicals from Les Mis to RENT, making for a witty score construction, but the songs themselves aren’t quite as varied as they could be with similar melodies and simple lyrics. However, the show’s faults are part of its charm, and even a fault in something as fundamental to a musical as the music didn’t tarnish its quality to a devastating effect. As Jamie and Jess struggle to escape the confines of BBC copyright laws, comedy bursts from every scene, building two endearingly passionate, lovable characters in the process. Whether you’re nine or nine hundred, take an hour out of all of time and space to catch this hilarious production while you can; as Jamie and Jess well know, there’s no time like the present.

Reviews by Lois Zoppi

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The Blurb

Doctor-loving superfans Jamie and Jess wrote a musical all about their time-travelling hero. But how do you write a ‘Doctor Who’ musical without getting shut down by the BBC? Watch as our heroes battle copyright-free villains the ‘Exterminators’ and ‘Cyber-gents’ in this award-winning musical comedy hit of Edinburgh Fringe 2013. Suitable for ages 8 to 908. “Enjoyably over the top … I promise not to tell the BBC lawyers” (BBC Entertainment News)