I Need a Doctor: The Unauthorised Whosical Adventure

A Doctor Who musical can so easily be terrible: too cliche-ridden or too bogged down in obscure Doctor Who references. However, this managed to get the tone spot-on in an accessible show that would appeal to anyone with even a passing knowledge of Doctor Who, musicals and the BBC. It is funny, well-performed and creative.

The basic premise has the two performers having to perform their Doctor Who musical having just received a letter from Steven Moffat informing them that they are infringing copyright laws. They therefore perform a hastily re-written musical, cutting all direct references to the TV show. This meta-musical is amusing and surprisingly well done, with the two haphazard characters being believable and very likeable. Jessica Spray plays the part of the Doctor’s companion, while the talented James Wilson-Taylor manages to play all the other roles, to great comedic effect.

There are nods and digs at a whole range of targets including John Barrowman, product placement, time travel montages, the BBC and musicals such as Les Mis. It never feels too in-jokey, and the various parodies are always cleverly weaved into the storyline and lyrics. The show also features a wonderful lounge version of the Doctor Who theme.

Although there was the occasional dud line or awkward rhyme, this show has a compelling storyline, two expressive and comedic singers, and enough jokes to have the audience howling with laughter.

Reviews by Carys Evans

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The Blurb

Doctor-loving nerds Jamie and Jess write a musical about their time-travelling hero, battling evil exterminators and dancing cyber-gents in this comic whosical parody. Original songs include Companion's Lament and Phonebox of Love.