I Infinite

I Infinite is an immersive dance experience which truly captures the magic just one dancer can conjure over an audience. The set-up for this performance is extremely unusual and feels, at the start, slightly awkward. However, the beauty of this piece is revealed as the audience become used to the experience. I Infinite is performed by just one female dancer, Maria Olga Palliani, in a white box studio with digital projections; there is no specific seating arrangement and the audience are invited to sit or stand wherever they want in the space as the dancer moves around you. As previously mentioned, it initially feels uncomfortable but soon everyone is quite happily wandering around or sitting on the floor watching this mesmerising young dancer move across the room. Palliani moves with such accuracy, her body soars through the space in perfectly linear pathways and she rolls across the floor weightlessly. Tom Dale, the choreographer, has created a dance work that encourages exploration of the dancer and makes the audience believe that there are infinite possibilities of where and how Palliani can move. With the support of the digitally animated environment which produces light patterns, projections and a smoky layer throughout the room, this piece is enchanting. With an appreciation for beautiful contemporary dance and an open mind to an alternative theatre experience, I Infinite can be whatever you want it to be. The collaboration between Dale, Palliani and Barret Hodgson, a digital artist, is captivating and provides an entirely unique style of performance that is not worth missing out on.

The Blurb

A mesmerising dance installation set in a white, digitally animated environment. This spellbinding visual world draws you within centimetres of our performer who moves between robotic isolation and liquid fluidity. A captivating journey to the infinite. www.tomdale.org.uk www.home.dancebase.co.uk