Huntington & Hutt: Insignificant Other
  • Edinburgh Fringe

What connects Monmouthshire, the efficacy of Lucozade, and leviathan-lunged pop princess Adele? Absolutely nothing. But it doesnt stop aspiration seeker James Huntington and piss-taker Joanna Hutt cut 'n' pasting it all together and using it as a plan for life. Bounding offspring of the critically acclaimed Dog-Eared Collective, Huntington & Hutt will launch you through an unconventional mash-up of sketch and stand-up comedy that is not to be missed. 'Wacky, disarming postmodern humour' (Alison Thomson, Sunday Times). 'Clever premises, sensational wordplay and a raft of first rate sketches' **** ( on the Dog-Eared Collective).