Hot Brown Honey

To Edinburghians “welcome to The Hive” could mean a questionable night out in a seedy, sticky floored club. Not to worry, this Hive located at Assembly Roxy is a safe space inhabited by six empowered women to teach us about society, culture and smashing the patriarchy. The only sticky thing here is the honey.

Outstanding beatboxers, musicians, dancers and circus performers: Hot Brown Honey proves talent and edge, but also doesn’t take itself too seriously.

This show stands for feminism and empowerment of women of colour in all areas of society, including theatre. Heavy topics? Yes. Topics we could either sweep under the rug and ignore, or turn into droll lectures? Yes, but Hot Brown Honey even question the way we talk about these issues. Set to a pumping soundtrack of original music and RnB hip hop remixes by DJ Busty Beatz, Hot Brown Honey is nothing short of a celebration. There’s music, dance, circus skills and laughs, and from the company that brought us Briefs, of course this positive, gutsy attitude is to be expected.

It’s also to be expected that the voices shouting and whooping loudest in the crowd are those of women, but this is something we’ve never seen before. It’s a gift to women from likeminded women. We are able to share experiences and are encouraged to shout, sing along and “make noise”. But Busty Beatz welcomes not only ladies and gentlemen to the show (and the gents love it too) but those that do not conform to the gender binary. All are welcome in The Hive - even heavy metal fans who might enjoy the head-banging reprise of original song Don’t Touch My Hair. When invited stand and dance, there are no second thoughts. We’re all on our feet having a great time: there is no shame in this room, only love and positivity.

Outstanding beatboxers, musicians, dancers and circus performers: Hot Brown Honey proves talent and edge, but also doesn’t take itself too seriously. These ladies are masters of ‘face’ and whilst some areas of choreography are a little messy, the message more than makes up for it. They can get away with it, they’re sassy and silly, and can laugh it off. A hilarious look at a difficult subject, celebration of women of all sizes and colours is surely the way forward. Featuring bouncy ball boobs and a leaf blower during a burlesque routine, if you have heart, this show will make you laugh, cry and tap your feet all at once.

Equal parts joyous and riotous, this show is a sweet, sticky celebration of love, humanity and women. In the words of Busty Beatz: “If you don’t know, now you know”. It’s time to rock the boat and make noise for Hot Brown Honey!

Reviews by Laurie Black

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The Blurb

Packing a potent punch of hip hop politics, Hot Brown Honey serves up dance, poetry, comedy, circus, striptease and song. From the team who bought you Fringe hit Briefs. The hive has arrived. Hot Brown Honey are here in an explosion of colour, culture and controversy. Fighting the power never tasted so sweet.