Honest to Godley!

As I walk into Honest to Godley, Janey Godley is already onstage, hand on hip and chatting to her audience. She’s offering flyers as fan substitutes, and getting in some early banter. Two things are obvious from the get go; that she’s right at home and she has a brilliant sense of humour.

She has a serious bash at female-hating feminists who prey on other women’s weaknesses, which had the audience in rapturous applause.

This improvised comedy at the start sets the tone for the rest of her set. Godley tells stories ranging from the 80s to the day before the show. ‘I don’t write these shows before I come here; shit just happens to me’ she flippantly says at the beginning and you don’t doubt her for a second.

Most of her stories, often involving her husband or daughter, are extremely intimate and would have most people red in the face at the prospect of telling even their closest friends. Yet Godley brushes this aside; she finds the comedic nuclei of her stories and exploits them, having her audience in fits of laughter while she does it.

This by no means suggests that Godley is just in it for the laughs, making some serious and passionately argued points throughout her set. She has a serious bash at female-hating feminists who prey on other women’s weaknesses, which had the audience in rapturous applause. At the end of her show she adamantly states that if you can’t afford it, don’t pay, expressing her disappointment at the Tory government whilst she does it. Of course most are most than willing to contribute.

Yet the aspect that stands out from Godley’s comedy is that, as the title suggests, she’s brutally honest. Sure you may not necessarily agree with what she’s saying but you’ll respect it; because on that stage you fully believe that you’re not watching some pre-prepared, thought-out stand up persona. You’re watching the real Janey Godley; and by god it’s something!

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Free at last! 'She is a f*cking great comedian' (Billy Connolly). Razor-sharp, award-winning Scottish comedian/blogger/podcaster Janey with things most people might think of but few would dare to say. An unstoppable tsunami of outrageous stories and home truths – sex, politics and personal – so extreme they are barely believable. But they’re all true! ‘The most outspoken female stand-up in Britain’ (Daily Telegraph). ‘Scotland’s funniest woman’ (Scotsman). www.janeygodley.com – Hear her weekly podcast at http://janeygodley.podomatic.com.