Hivemind Presents: Playlight Robbery

Choosing a title from the loose flyers offered up by audience members, Hivemind’s quintet compose two improvised half-an-hour jaunts. In this instance, we are shown a murder-mystery featuring a stolen ruby and a re-imagining of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.

Worth a visit for adults and kids alike, Hivemind provide a fun hour of entertainment.

Quick-thinking comes in large helpings from this young cast, and they are able to compose a thoroughly enjoyable, albeit odd, plot from their dynamic, polished interactions. Dropping consistently hilarious one-liners from naming a Machiavellian German cat ‘Herr Ball’ to colour conspiracy theories (white gold dress or blue black?) we are constantly delighted as they pull through, with innovation, the tougher demands of improvisation.

Although the venue is not forgiving when it comes to warmth and noise-bleeding, the cast are not deterred; they tackle this problem and introduce Peer Gynt A Musical. No Hall of The Mountain King but still a fabulous effort all trolls considered; our Peer Gynt sings an impromptu ballad of fjords and swords only to cement the bar high. Somehow, the next song is sung by a marionette lamenting that he will never find love, shortly followed by The Ballad of Satan; yet still everything manages to work. The performers abilities to form a strong, entertaining spectrum of characters would be the envy of any improv troupe.

Worth a visit for adults and kids alike, Hivemind provide a fun hour of entertainment. The venue, as mentioned, is tricky and perhaps next year they will find somewhere that does justice to their skill and musical projection when serenading the fall from heaven. This talented lot have the potential to go to high places and should applaud their own expertise in what is a notoriously difficult concept. 

Reviews by Daisy McConnel


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Hivemind Presents: Playlight Robbery

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Comedy quintet Hivemind are going to steal the show. Every show. All you need to do bring us a show’s flyer – using nothing but the show title and whatever other information we can find, we’ll stage a faultless reproduction. Whether it’s a brave retelling of a Shakespeare classic or an edgy immersive site-specific piece of new writing, we guarantee our version will have all of the power of the original, just without any of the preparation!