London Gay Men's Choir Ensemble are back at the Fringe with another camped-up musical. This year, since Hi-de-Hi was the basis to the performance, along with the simple plot of a competition to find a new Camp Director, they cannot be commended on their storyline. That, thankfully was not a noticeable feature.

Their sexuality was though, and there were many doubles-entendres surrounding the 'camp' the singers were working at. Each performer had a job title such as 'Camp PA' or 'Camp Undertaker' on their tops. Many over-the-top gay male stereotypes were portrayed and traditional gay favourites such as 'My Way' were performed.

Have you guessed it is gay themed yet? Good, I think the company wanted to get that point across firmly. All cast members over-acted to fulfill their camp roles. It's a good job that they're naturally talented, I'd hate the unique feature of a show to be the cast playing on their sexuality

When the full company sang together it was superb. I loved their voices - they gave a soft gentle sound that was very soothing. This actually didn't match an over-the-top camp musical whatsoever - I'd love to see the choir doing some proper close harmony and not hiding their true voices behind a musical one year.

Saying that, the audience reacted very well to the performance, it was hilarious and they clearly loved it. It was extremely funny, extremely entertaining, and I do look forward to seeing what they come up with next year, even if it is another musical.

The Blurb

Following last year's sell-out success, the London Gay Men's Chorus Ensemble are back. Set in a holiday camp of yesteryear, with magical music and homo humour. Let the boys put the camp in your holiday! www.lgmc.org.uk/ensemble.