Herbie's Jazz Breakfast

Herbie Flowers’ Jazz Breakfast was nothing like I had anticipated. With a ticket reading 6+, I was expecting a family-oriented brunch with smooth jazz playing in the background. Instead, I stood in a winding line with no one under the age of 40 present, besides myself, preparing to enter a circus-like tent to enjoy a boisterous jazz concert. The performers on stage helped to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. They joked with the crowd and with each other in between songs, took requests and had the whole room cheering for them. The age of the performers reflected the main age of the participants, but I urge younger people to take a chance and experience this event. The range of instruments was so vast, it was as if the concert was being held in a music shop. There was a piano, drums, trumpet, trombone, saxophones, bass, guitar, voice, flute, violin, cow bell, egg shaker, and a saw. Yes, you read that right. A saw was waved to create a wiggly noise.

You could see every foot tapping to the beat and every head nodding along

Before any music was played, one of the players announced Herbie was out of action, due to knee surgery, and wouldn’t be returning to the stage till next year. Due to this, it was the band’s first time playing a gig together! However, you would never have been able to tell because of the electric chemistry they shared with one another. They attempted improvisations quite often and, with jazz being the forgiving genre it is, the improv worked out every time. The sound set up was incredible as well. I could pick out each individual instrument whilst they played together, allowing each one to shine. The audience was having a blast during the performance, looking down the aisle you could see every foot tapping to the beat and every head nodding along. This same playfulness was shown on stage, with every bandmate smiling as they jammed out.

Although I was disappointed by the lack of breakfast (the event description actually never mentions meals) as I had assumed there would be some because of the title, at the very least some in-house food for individual purchase. However, I won’t fault the event on this because I believe it was just personal misunderstanding, but still think it’s important to share not to expect breakfast or any food. The show still earns an easy 5 stars even with Herbie’s absence. If you’re looking for a jazzy way to start your Sunday, Herbie Flowers’ Jazz Breakfast is the absolute best choice.

Reviews by Kylie Masznicz

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Start every Sunday during Brighton Fringe in the company of our very own living leg-end, bassist Herbie Flowers and his incredible bands. Enjoy the superstar talents of the UK's finest Jazz musicians up close and personal, and more than a bit of a chat. And probably a tune with a story.