Heath Franklin’s Chopper - Bogan Jesus
  • Adelaide Fringe

On the first day Chopper created the moustache and so he rejoiced... in its hardness. Day two, he rested because once you've nailed it why stuff around?So is the Gospel according to the Mighty Chop. Are you sick, lonely or poor? Well, there are plenty of other religions for you. Chopper is looking for rich idiots to tithe the shit out of but really, any sinner will do. After creating the worlds newest superpower Anzakistan, Chopper has now started his own religion, in his own image and is now giving hell to the almighty.There is a new 'mo-ssiah' for a new age and he's holier than Oscar Pistorius' bathroom door. Thou shalt harden up and become a Chopostle! So gather round, and be healed by Bogan Jesus!