Harley Breen - Flat Out Doing Nothing
  • Adelaide Fringe

For almost all of his life, Harley Breen has avoided full-time employment. At all costs. Hell flat out rather not pay bills if it comes to that. Flat Out Doing Nothing is as Aussie as throwing a sickie. More Australian than a snag at a polling booth. Its so bloody down under, youll leave upside down. If youre not trying to do less at life, then youre doing Australia wrong. This will cover subjects like kids, wacky things people say, drugs, decisions and life moments but told humorously. Award winning Harley Breen has done comedy before. What a talent! Get a ticket. Feel the joy. GO PANTS. WINNER COMICS' CHOICE - MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL 2011 WINNER SPLEEN COMIC OF THE YEAR 2010