Hardeep Singh Kohli: Hardeep Is Your Love

Full disclosure: I came very close to tears during Hardeep is Your Love. This caught me rather off guard. I don’t make a habit of welling up during stand up shows, even ones with quite such spectacular puns in the title. However, this show is something really quite special.

In between the laughter, and indeed often mingled in with it, are stories of genuine power.

Hardeep Singh Kohli’s offering to this year’s Fringe is a trip through his romantic history. Along the way, we get jokes about his hometown Glasgow, his sexual prowess, and the personal lives of the audience, all of which go down a storm. He has an excellent eye for the absurd, and often comes at familiar topics from a completely unexpected direction.

In between the laughter, and indeed often mingled in with it, are stories of genuine power. Singh tells of growing up with no romantic role models of his own ethnicity, of the feeling after his divorce that he had had his chance with love, of the excitement and the terror of new romance. This is an incredibly emotionally honest show, and Singh’s connection with his audience is extremely powerful.

Singh captures something incredibly beautiful and human in this hour long show, yet somehow also has time for a slew of one liners, topical gags and ridiculous sex jokes. See this show if you want to laugh, cry or watch a man pretend to orgasm in front of a packed out audience and somehow not make it awkward.

Essentially, if you have ever cared about anyone, ever, then you will find something to care about in this show. If you haven’t, then it is probably even more important that you see this show.

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Hardeep Singh Kohli: Hardeep Is Your Love




The Blurb

Following his hit nationwide tour, the comedian, broadcaster, writer and chef returns for his first full Fringe season in three years, reflecting on romance in middle age. Expect some hilarious, and at times rather naughty, tales from the Fringe’s favourite funnyman. 'Immensely funny' (Daily Express). 'This show is funny, very funny' (Leicester Mercury). ‘A master of pace, mixing stories with fantastic quick-witted patter’ (Skinny).