Hannah and Barri: Telly Box

Telly Box is a difficult show to describe: a bombardment of amusing ideas and parodies that take the form of a Sunday morning television show. The schedule includes reimaginings of Take Me Out, Made In Chelsea and a 6D extravaganza to finish, all compered by the two hosts. There was no lack of effort put into the show and it was wonderful to see Samantha Harry and Zara Barri enjoying themselves so much.

Regardless of the disjointedness, the flaws and the occasional dip in the strength of writing, the intent is always there.

Certain sketches were very original and verged on genius. The take on Made in Chelsea - Made In Convent - was a particular gem, exploring the not-so-scandalous gossip between two nuns. Other ideas were similarly strong, and audience participation was regular and well-used to keep up the interest. A middle-aged man competing in spoof challenges in The Box (based on The Cube) is not something I'll forget in a hurry. The sketch soon descends into a hilarious scenario of the two girls energetically dancing around the participant.

Some of the other skits were less entertaining, yet there was clear comedic intent. Some ideas could have been better executed: one particular song in which the two 'break the law' via tiny acts of rebellion (such as crossing the road during a red-light) ends with Hannah suddenly producing a gun. It fell flat, but could have been brilliant; if they'd included a gradual escalation of their 'crimes' and made the gun a far more dramatic event (possibly even shooting someone), the whole gag would have been more effective.

However, the sections between the various television shows were noticeably weaker, often lacking a killer punchline or sense of finality. The material was not particularly inspiring but felt more of a stopgap before the next tv creation. That being said, there was a clear connection and understanding between the two performers which was fun to watch, at times reminiscent of interchanges between Noel Fielding and Julian Barrratt. The performers did all they could to create an atmosphere in The Newsroom, but unfortunately it is near-impossible to do so at 1.15 pm. A larger, louder audience at a later time could have transformed the experience.

Regardless of the disjointedness, the flaws and the occasional dip in the strength of writing, the intent is always there. The 6D finale which stimulates all of the senses (including taste!) is raucous and delightfully silly. This is by no means a show for those looking for perfect writing or revolutionary comedy, but it is a show that is sure to leave you with a smile.

Reviews by Hamish Clayton

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Hannah and Barri satirise your favourite programmes in this fast paced, interactive multimedia sketch show featuring Britain's Got Talent's Voiceover Man and the world's first 6D experience. Join comics Samantha Hannah and Zahra Barri as they step into the colourful world of television looking at popular shows such as Breaking Bad, Jamie Oliver's 15-Minute Meals and The Cube. Available on demand and in free view. Tune in today!