Hanks & Conran: Pigs In Blankets

Hanks & Conran’s talent lies with their likability; the comical duo, real names Susan and Lou, are so charmingly charismatic and amiable, that their comical routine lies second-best to their winning personalities. Controversy occurs in the duo’s performance, talk of Myra Hindley and psychopathic behaviour are mentioned; but it quickly dissolves into nothing more than a brief acknowledgment. The tone of the performance is misconstrued – do Susan and Lou wish to stimulate the darkest corners of my humorous capacity, or do they wish to genially chat with each other about their personal friendship? Which is what they choose to do.

Too much of this show depends on observing the problems that each woman will encounter in her life – how do I lose weight? Do I have a good body? How many calories are there in a banana? How do I know if my date likes me? and not enough rests on the anecdotes and experiences personal and unique to the performers, and new to the audience. Although chuckling at the execution of these gags, (which for some time have caused contemporary audiences to anguish at the abilities of female comedians), I wished for Hanks & Conran to push the boundaries, fully expose their intimacies and have me roaring with laughter at the completely unexpected.

The Blurb

Hanks & Conran invite you to their work-in-progress for Edinburgh 2012. Bring your comfiest slanket and find out why these two are just like that pork-based favourite!