Guilt & Shame: Addicted to Everything

There are tons and tons of sketch shows on at the Fringe this year, meaning that it is easy for them to get lost amongst the crowd. However, standing out with the best of them is this comedy duo’s depraved, relentless and hilarious hour of sketches, songs and rapping transvestites.

At the beginning of the show all of the audience are given a sticker to write their name on and wear during the show, handed to us by the very welcoming besuited member of the duo, Gabe. Straight away this gives the performers a hilarious rapport with the audience as they can be on ‘first name terms’ with us, which they use to their comedic advantage from the beginning of the show.

The show’s running theme was of an addicts anonymous meeting and using a smartphone app, Gabe and his partner in comedy crime Rob can read the audience’s minds to reveal their worst addictions. This gives an immediate gateway to huge amounts of audience interaction, the comics fearlessly thrusting at and chatting to audience members, including one extremely difficult to watch moment of audience participation, which was both cringe-inducing and absolute genius.

The sketches are very well written and flawlessly performed by the suave Gabe and the over-excitable Rob, whose performance is incredibly energetic and brilliant to watch, even for his incredible facial expressions alone. Hitting out at subjects of drug addiction, sexual orientation and religion, this is perhaps not a show for the more easily offended punters, but for everyone else it is comedy gold. Impeccable timing, high-octane energy and some blade-sharp writing give this sketch show an edge over many others.

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The Blurb

Depraved comedy duo for every bad decision you've ever made. With pumping music, crazy dance numbers and rapping transvestites. So good once will never be enough. ***** ( **** ( **** (