Grossed Out Game Show

Dressed in a suit emblazoned with the sort of multicoloured exclamations that you would often find in comic books, Matty Grey’s eye-catching attire alone sets the tone for this morning’s entertainment: big, bright and very, very loud. Full of silly words and funny games galore, the Grossed Out Game Show promises an hour of gunge and goo for the whole family.

Make no mistake, this is a very silly show - but with a title like this you should expect nothing less.

The amphitheatre seating is divided into opposing teams, each of which are represented by their champion. Throughout each challenge much cheering and booing is encouraged by Grey and his assistants, with several children taking chants into their own hands and throwing in additions whenever they fancied. There is no compulsory participation, but for those who want to there are plenty of opportunities to get onstage and get involved; the series of activities kept the pace moving quickly and provided loads of different ways to be part of the fun. Whether by dancing onstage or throwing things from the audience, Grossed Out Game Show encourages spectators of all ages and abilities to take part.

Grey comperes the show with all the oomph and enthusiasm expected of a children’s entertainer; whilst there were a few script slip ups, his multitude of one liners put any volunteers onstage at ease. From the title of the show I was expecting a little more of what could be called the ‘ick’ factor; parents will be relieved to hear that there was next to no mention of creepy crawlies, potty jokes or snotty noses. In fact, apart from a few volunteers in one particular challenge, there is relatively little to clean up, nothing that will particularly make you squirm and much more that will have you sticking your hand up to get stuck in. There is of course the inevitable gunge shower for the team champions, which brings back fond memories of 90s TV classic Get Your Own Back and creates a very satisfying finale to the fun.

Make no mistake, this is a very silly show - but with a title like this you should expect nothing less.

Reviews by Katie Rose

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The Blurb

The Australian smash hit, Grossed Out Game Show is riotously noisy fun for kids aged 5-13 years. A live, interactive game show where two celebrity captains lead their half of the audience in a battle of physical challenges and trivial absurdities in order to win! The goal: win the challenges to earn litres of slime! The result: two dripping celebrities and a laughing audience! The team that wins more, slimes more! Winner Best Kids Show, Sydney Fringe 2013. Note, good clean fun for the whole family, no audience members get slimed... only the team captain.