Griffin and Jones: Slapdash Magic

Griffin and Jones – the self-proclaimed Ant & Dec of this comedy price range – delivered an action-packed hour of illusions, stunts and magical life hacks. We learned how to store endless quantities of white powder in small plastic bags, what not to do with household bleach and how to smuggle a straitjacket through customs. But please, do not try these stunts at home!

This dynamic duo turned an average Monday afternoon into something magical

Steve Griffin and Nathan Jones are magicians, tricksters and idiots – in this order. The term slapdash magic is just another illusion; their show is far from hasty or sloppy. Everything is carefully scripted and executed to maximize audience reactions. Their comedy is slapstick at its best and it is apparent that these two enjoy each other’s company, so joined at the hip they are.

I’ve seen enough magic tricks to know that what Griffin and Jones do takes some serious skills and practice. Objects collected from the audience kept reappearing from the most unusual places, and I don’t just mean behind your ear or in your pocket. They even managed the impossible – to deliver an interesting card trick! I don’t want to give away too much of the stunts, so to know what Cash Splash Spray and Miracle Mindreading Goo are, you must see the show!

The grand finale was the good old straitjacket escape trick, hilariously turned into a show wrestling match. There was plenty of audience participation, as we were an integral part of the show; whooping, clapping, stomping, cheering and even acting as a human drumroll. The energy level remained high throughout the performance and there were no weak moments in their material. The only disappointment was having to leave so soon.

This dynamic duo turned an average Monday afternoon into something magical. Mixing impressive magic tricks into well executed stand-up, they really delivered what was on the blurb: fast banter, tight chemistry, contagious energy, and show-stopping wizardry. We left the performance with huge grins on our faces. Idiocy is contagious.

Reviews by Johanna Makelainen

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The Blurb

Griffin and Jones are pioneers of slapdash magic! These award-winning idiots have become famous for their quick banter, tight chemistry, contagious energy, and jaw-dropping, show-stopping wizardry! Join them for more quick tricks, crazy inventions, and outrageous stunts. "Very funny magicians" (Paul Zenon), "Bizarre, hilarious and anarchic" (Magic Night), "The banter and chemistry of a punk rock Morecambe and Wise" (, "Professional tricksters at the top of their game" (Surrey Advertiser).