Gordon Southern: Your New Favourite Comedian

Gordon Southern is eager for his tenth solo show to take off with a bang and he certainly gets off to a great start. The show kicks off on a lively, robust high and proceeds to travel on that same energetic rhythm throughout, the momentum never depleting.

Your New Favourite Comedian is fast-paced, feel-good comedy at its best.

We learn that the show’s title is a play on Swedish rock band The Hives’ album Your New Favourite Band which upon its release garnered the band overnight success. Convinced it is his time to shine and achieve similar acclaim, Your New Favourite Comedian was born.

Throughout the hour we are taken on a journey back in time as he nostalgically regales us with tales of his life before he became a comedian. His material is witty, cleverly crafted and jam packed with comedic gems to suit all tastes. From hilarious anecdotes of his former short-lived career as a wine waiter to an amusing devised piece involving the alphabet, it becomes clear that even before it became a profession, he was always a comedian.

Southern takes to the stage with the confidence and self-assurance that only comes from being an accomplished performer. His quick wit and rapid-fire improvisations hit the mark every time and garner laughs easily. Fans of Southern will be happy to know his trademark fun facts still make an appearance and are thrown about over the course of the show.

Your New Favourite Comedian is fast-paced, feel-good comedy at its best. Southern’s seasoned comedic chops coupled with his undeniable skill as an entertainer make for a solid hour of comedy that is wildly entertaining and endlessly funny. 

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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The Blurb

It's the international word clown's 10th solo show. Southern brings a winning mix of HD jokes and stories plus 4G super fast improvisation. Why the title? In 2001 Southern first took a solo show to the Edinburgh Fringe, and a dapper Swedish garage rock band released the album Your New Favourite Band. After a lifetime devoted to quality comedy, he's ready to be an overnight success. Nominated for Best Comedy and total sell-out (Perth Fringe 2014). Nominated for Best Show (New Zealand Comedy Festival 2012). Total sell-out Melbourne Comedy Festival 2011-13.