Goose: Amphetawaltz

Amphetawaltz, as a show and a title, distinguishes itself from every other sketch show in Edinburgh this year and the reason why can be found in the title itself. Goose’s 2017 show is frenzied yet structured, crazed yet delicate; Amphetawaltz does what the portmanteau title implies, resembling the delicate glides and tender twists of a traditional ballroom dance and at same time the schizophrenic raving of an amphetamine-addled and perpetually sweating ginger.

A comedic spectacle which thrills and excites

The show is a high-intensity and frenetic sequence of flashbacks, flashforwards, and reenactments which centre around a murder mystery which Adam Drake has found himself at the centre of. While ‘frenetic’ may imply disorganised and uncontrolled, Drake, under the cool direction of co-writer Ben Rowse, is always at the helm — two steps ahead of the audience and guiding them through the numerous and complex twists which fill the show at a supersonic speed. This is an expertly-crafted show in which every disparate joke and sketch has a relevance which is revealed to the audience in ways both subtle and shocking.

Supporting Drake is an intimidatingly proficient band. They are consistently behind the lead man, both positionally and emotionally, reacting to Drake’s quick puns and improvisations with looks of deep admiration and enjoyment. However, they do more than just laugh at Drake’s jokes, they are constantly tuned into the rhythm of his performance and provide music which somehow reflects the dramatic tonal and thematic changes which fill the show, keeping up with its impossible pace.

Goose doesn't just provide an hour of sketch comedy, they create a comedic spectacle which thrills and excites and this year’s show is no different.  

Reviews by Harrison Sharkovsky

Pleasance Courtyard

When We Ran

Assembly George Square Gardens

Goose: Amphetawaltz




The Blurb

One of the best-reviewed acts of 2015 and 2016. Award-winning one-man cartoon. Wracked with hype, Goose present their most ambitious show yet. As seen on BBC Three and Comedy Central. 'Brilliant stuff' **** (Guardian). 'Excellently crafted' **** (Sunday Times). 'Irrepressibly funny... it's phenomenal' ***** (Fest). 'A frenetic, ambitious spectacle... superb' **** (Skinny). 'Crams more gags into a show than any other' ***** ( 'Bloody good... meticulously crafted' ***** ( 'Precision-engineered chaos' **** ( 'Hilariously unique' **** ( 'Will split your sides and pull at your heart strings' **** (ThreeWeeks).