Glengoyne Whisky Suppers

Unless you’re already a fan, many people are put off by the idea of drinking whisky. But this shouldn’t be the case, as many seem to enjoy the tastes of other strong spirits such as rum, vodka or gin. Glengoyne Whisky Suppers, which includes a two-course supper and a tasting of two 25ml Glengoyne nips at Cannonball restaurant, is a chance to expand your spirit repertoire.

The sight of tartan and the stirring sound of pipes and drums has to be the most authentic setting for getting tipsy on whisky.

The whisky aficionado begins by telling us about Glengoyne itself, a distillery from Dumgoyne that has, since 1833, been producing a Highland single malt whisky, matured in the Lowlands, with the slowest distillation in Scotland. The result is a variety of caramel-tinted whiskies, varying slightly in colour depending on the length of time they’ve been kept in the barrels, but all with distinctive flavours. Our whisky expert taught us how to taste whisky properly, while encouraging us to find our own flavours within the drink.

The Glengoyne 12-year-old, paired with haggis or smoked salmon, was too easy to drink, with its smoothness and subtle notes. Boldness of flavour came with the Glengoyne 15-year-old, paired with Venison, and the Glengoyne Cask Strength, paired with goats cheese tart. While devouring our meals, we received tips on how to enjoy whisky better, what happens in the distillation process and why, as the alcoholic beverage market grows, people are being more experimentative in the ways they create new and exciting flavours. My only critique would be that we didn’t get to try as many as I’d wanted, which, in actual fact, is the perfect excuse for another visit.

To top off the husky evening, Cannonball is situated right on the Royal Mile, and with that fortune comes the opportunity to enjoy the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo’s closing parade right from the private courtyard or a window ledge. The sight of tartan and the stirring sound of pipes and drums has to be the most authentic setting for getting tipsy on whisky.

Reviews by Sophia Charalambous

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The Blurb

An fantastic opportunity to meet a whisky aficionado and learn about the history of whisky. The evening will include a tutored whisky tasting with two delicious 25ml Glengoyne nips followed by a sensational two course supper prepared by our award-winning team at Cannonball Restaurant. Fringe fun with great food and world class tutoring on Scotland’s national drink in one of Scotland’s most iconic Royal Mile venues. What more could you want! Listen to the closing parade from the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo from our private courtyard. Additional drinks, cheese and dessert available for purchase.