Give Take

Give Take’s Musical Remedies are an exploration of the healing powers of the natural world. Inspired by Dr Edward Bach’s Flower Remedies, Andrew Morris has composed a series of pieces featuring piano, saxophone and bass. Wavering somewhere between classical music and contemporary jazz, the trio’s sound is unique, benefiting from the association of the disciplined structure of classical music with the soulful, rich sounds of the saxophone and the soft rhythmical plucking of the double bass.

Nineteen-year-old saxophonist Jobst steals the show with his rich, flawless melodies.

From Herefordshire, the musical trio came together after Morris taught bassist Sam Powell and saxophonist Theo Jobst in college. Morris himself plays the piano, rich in arpeggios that translate the healing powers of the flower remedies. He punctuates the performance with explanations of the benefits of these remedies for the mind: allowing for self-doubt to blossom into self-belief, for egoism to become humility, for an erratic creativity to become disciplined art etc.

The bass, played by Powell provides a solid undercurrent for the performance. Moving between finger-plucking and playing with a bow, the texture of the bassline changes as the trio work their way through the remedies. The bass becomes more prominent towards the final pieces, though we might have liked to see it more valorised earlier on in the performance.

Nineteen-year-old saxophonist Jobst steals the show with his rich, flawless melodies. Whether lamenting or celebratory, the sounds of the saxophone are full and captivating and Jobst performs each piece with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Although the musicians perfectly complement each other musically, they are somewhat lacking in camaraderie and group charisma. Despite the original nature of their music, which detaches itself from the classical, the format of the show is somewhat reminiscent of a recital whilst the genre of the music could easily allow for a more dynamic show.

Nonetheless, Give Take provide an entrancing performance. The beautiful setting and resonance of St Mark’s Church add a spiritual dimension to the show. Give Take’s performance encourages total relaxation and provides a delightful imaginative journey. The musicians hope that the audience will carry the remedy of the music away with them, and in this they certainly succeed.  

Reviews by Maria Hagan

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The Blurb

The give and take of musical performance - and the giving and taking of Bach Flower Remedies. These new compositions by Herefordshire based pianist and composer Andrew Morris are inspired by the mental and emotional transformations of Dr Edward Bach's Flower Remedies. Music which crosses over the usual genres and inspires people of all ages. Jazz with a classical tinge, easy listening with meditational power. Brilliant young saxophonist Theo Jobst joins bassist Sam Powell and pianist/composer Andrew Morris in these inspired improvisations. You can listen to extracts from the Give Take album at or on iTunes.