Get Your Own Back: Live!

90s-kid’s television hero Dave Benson Phillips brings back his hit children’s game-show Get Your Own Back, but there’s a twist. It’s live and it’s at the Fringe. All-aboard the nostalgia train; one ticket promises you a regression to your 8-year-old self and a chance to meet the real DBP, a treat in itself.

If you’re a Get Your Own Back fan from back-in-the-day then go and make an appointment to see some guuuuuunge.

No longer a children’s show, the audience for Get Your Own Back: Live! is almost entirely people in their twenties and up. While there were a few faces under the age of ten, they seemed to spend most of the show quite perplexed at their grown-up, as the whole audience became a little giddy with excitement and wistfulness.

We’re greeted by the inimitable theme tune and Dave runs on, with at least most of the energy he had twenty-five years ago, and introduces us to the new format (and the younger members of the audience to the concept). On come the two teams. Another change here – apparently when they sent out applications to be on the show literally zero children applied – thus, the two teams are now made up of other companies performing up at the Fringe. Arguably without the goody-baddy dichotomy it took some of the childish magic out of it – who doesn’t like seeing a nasty teacher getting what’s coming to them? But, hey, at least someone is getting gunged.

The show follows a predictable children game show format. Liberal awarding of points, that can change according to Dave’s whims and to keep things interesting if one team gets too far ahead, and lots of very silly games. We were treated to Stuff the Duvet Cover,How Many Bricks Can You Stack And Not Drop Any and a game that involved barbeque tongs and paper plates. Given the price of the ticket I did expect a little more glitz and glamour – it was all a little ‘back garden kid’s birthday party’ fodder – but Dave does a great job of riling up the audience so it’s good fun anyway. He’s clearly a born showman but does stumble considerably throughout the show – perhaps the live format doesn’t suit him so well. Then of course at the end the tarpaulins came out, the losing team stepped into the chamber AND GOT GUNGED AND IT WAS AMAZING.

The show has a clear selling point; if you remember the show and miss having Dave Benson Phillips in your life. If you don’t know the show it might not be so fantastic. The jokes are fairly average and it lacks the thrill and pizzazz of some of the other big, gimmicky shows. A children’s show it certainly isn’t, but if you’re a Get Your Own Back fan from back-in-the-day then go and make an appointment to see some guuuuuunge.  

Reviews by Millie Bayswater

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The Blurb

Feeling Nostalgic? Dave Benson Phillips returns with a selection of completely new games and loads more gunge for his second year presenting this live version of the fast-paced, slapstick game show based on the long running classic children's TV series. 'For those who have fond memories of the show it's a chance to relive your childhood' ( 'The "mature" audience roar, laugh, clap and boo with – and without – Benson Phillips' manic encouragement' ***** ( '[Dave's] energy is at maximum wattage throughout and he is a natural entertainer' **** (