Get Sweaty with Cheryl and Chardee
  • Adelaide Fringe

Aerobics gained worldwide popularity in 1982 with the release Jane Fondas game changing exercise videos. Unfortunately Cheryl and Chardee werent born until the early 90s, but that hasnt stopped them from embracing the art form in every facet of their life and helping everyone they come across to Get Sweaty " whether they're up for it or not! Join these sassy foxes for a raucous insight into the world of two semi-professional aerobics instructors, stuck in 2018, longing for the simplicity of a 1980s world that lives only in their imaginations. Youll laugh, you might cry and youll definitely learn some saucy moves to whip out next time you hit the d-floor.Fringe veterans Alicia Norton and Mikayla Lynch combine their talents to bring two obscure yet endearing characters to life.